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Your programming journey is well underway.

You've already gone from the explosive high of building your first program, to reading dozens of tutorials, to the grueling lows of debugging your code. Your skill is now at a point where you can code. You can make things happen, but:

  • you realize that your code is working, but making it modular is such an ethereal concept that (secretly) you don't really know what it means.
  • you're trying to get your pull request approved, but there's a lot of changes requested. Some don't even make sense. Why is indentation so important other than it making my code look good?
  • everyone tells you that readable code is better code, but Swift is already readable, so improving is difficult.

The book contains

  • Rules you can immediately apply to your coding habits and dramatically improve.
  • Code from published apps that we will refactor and improve, using The Rules.
  • Applied programming fundamentals. Encapsulation is not just a concept, you can see it in your code.

Improve by learning from a Master

Tutorials share recipes that are useful if you have a particular issue to solve: learn SwiftUI, prevent classes from being subclassed, using stack views correctly. They will offer you a solution to your issue by showing you programming without frustration. The problem is that programming is frustration and removing it from the instructions will not help you improve.

What I'm offering is a glimpse into how program. I will guide you through fixing issues in three real, open-source, downloadable apps from the App Store. By following me and reading how I think you'll see something more important than recipes or frameworks: you'll see what I look for and how I handle frustration when working with someone else's code. Once you understand my thought process, it'll help you create yours. Tutorials will become smalls tools that you use, instead of places where you try to acquire knowledge. You will become a better programmer, not because you know many frameworks, but because you'll understand how someone who has been an iOS developer since the SDK came out handles codebases.

I want this!

A written journey with Fernando where you'll dissect parts of published apps and rewrite them just like a senior developer would.

The Rules
Practical habits to improve.
Real-life code
Learn using code from apps in the App Store.
Real-life practice
Encapsulation and the Single Responsibility Principle
PDF ebook
130 pages
Example Repositories


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Sessions with a Master App Builder

18 ratings
I want this!